Palio d’Asti

Modern Medieval, the restaurant imparts the look and feel of an old castle bought by and draped with Armani. The grand celebratory atmosphere draws crowds from San Francisco and beyond. Palio’s Italian Chic wears well. Cuisine is High -End traditional Italian, Northern influenced in the colder months, Southern in warmer months.

Valeria DiGrande   |   Phone: (415) 647-2789
Email: events@paliosf.com

640 Sacramento Street,
San Francisco, California, 94111
Phone: (415) 395-9800
Website: www.paliosf.com

Breakfast Meetings 7am to 10:30am Mon - Fri
Lunch 11:30am to 2:30pm Mon -  Fri
Dinner 5:30pm to 9:00pm Mon - Sat
Happy Hour 4pm to 7pm Mon - Fri


Enoteca della Douja

From the Floor to Ceiling windows overlooking Sacramento Street, the Enoteca Room serves as the VIP room at lunch and as its own private restaurant and bar at dinner.

  • Seated Capacity: 50

  • Standing Capacity: 60


The San Pietro Room

The San Pietro room is almost a little eatery unto itself.  This intimate room continues the decorative themes of the greater restaurant, but also sports floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto a traffic- free alley and a small patio.

  • Seated Capacity: 50

  • Standing Capacity: 70


Campo del Palio

The main dining room, Campo del Palio, has elegantly dressed round tables and formidable stone pillars with bright medieval- motif flags that lend a castle-like air.  Guests have full view of the exhibition kitchen with oak burning oven.

  • Seated Capacity: 125

  • Standing Capacity: 150


The Bakery

Palio d'Asti's former pastry shop has been transformed in to a quiet and intimate private dining room. Nestled in the back of the restaurant, this fully private room has the perfect ambiance for business meetings and exclusive dinners.

  • Seated Capacity: 20

  • Standing Capacity: 30